Speedy's Hardware 5 Year Anniversary Celebration!

I cannot believe it's been 5 years since we first opened our doors to this awesome South of Market neighborhood in San Francisco we call our home. And to celebrate this milestone, we're inviting our loyal customers to join us in the festivities March 23, 2014 between 12 and 2pm. We're gonna have freebies, raffles, and a BBQ! See you all there!


Make it: Crochet Pot Covers

You wanna know what my latest obsession is? It involves a metal hook ranging from sizes 1 to 15mm or maybe even larger if you're into using your arms. I'm talking about CROCHET! (And yes, there is a thing called arm crocheting) I again blame Pinterest for this current affliction or maybe my daughter Marisa. She was crocheting way before I was, making beautiful beanies with all sorts of colored yarn. And when I get into something, I REALLY get into it: trips to Michaels and Joanns, stalking Pinterest for hours for the perfect granny square or slouchy beanie, buying crochet books (and getting totally confused with the patterns) and constantly asking myself, "Do I really need 50 skeins of yarn in amazing color combinations?!?" Of course I do! Since I work in the hardware store, I was also asking myself how I can utilize my yarn love in a hardware store capacity. Well here you go:

3 in a row. Love the colors!
I used single and double crochet stitches for this orchid pot.
This is more of a granny square stitch.
This shell stitch took me forever but I love how it looks!
This is my first crochet pot cover using single and double crochet stitches.
Doesn't this look like candy corn?!?

The first three are all displayed in our popular garden shop. And I had to place these on the top shelf, at eye level, for all to see (cuz I'm just vain like that). Teaching crochet is a whole other monster so I'll let an expert teach y'all how. Here's a link to crochet tutorials: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/crafts-hobbies/Crocheting/Stitches.html
Hope I provided some eye candy to inspire you to create!
Until next time,
Keep making, keep creating, keep doing!
Nori Lee
Speedy's Hardware