Make it: Airplant Framed

I'm freakin plant obsessed right now. What brought on this manic behavior , I have no idea. I was cleaning out my closet and found a bunch of white Ikea frames that looked depressed because they had not pictures in them. Well, lo and behold, I saw on my dear Pinterest, an awe inspiring pin that could not be ignored. And being the Pinterest fanatic that I am, I had to hack it! Some genius thought up the idea of displaying airplants in string in a picture frame. You can put airplants practically anywhere and with a little bit of sunlight and regular watering, they'll thrive. Here's what you'll need
1 - picture frame with the glass removed
1 - string of your fave color
A bunch of nails
1 airplant or 2 or 3
Do this:
Turn over the picture frame and pound nails all around the perimeter of the frame's backside. Take your string and keep criss crossing to the opposite sides of the frame until you get the design you like. Keep the string taunt. When you're done, secure the string so that it won't unravel. Insert the airplants randomly into your string design. Voila! You just created your very own unique airplant display. Now you can hang it up or surprise someone special with this handmade goodie!
Here's another one I made:

Seashells are great with airplants too!

Til next time: keep making, keep creating, keep doing!

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