Make it: Chalkboard Craft - the Chalky Clipboard

Everyday I pass by the paint section of my hardware store and that dreaded chalkboard paint always calls out to me for attention! My countless hours in the diy section of Pinterest turns up at least 50 different ways to use this black as midnight paint. Black paint always scared me, I have no idea why. Maybe because it reminds me of being out in the woods with no flashlight or wandering around aimlessly in my dreams with no shoes on. But, as I was perusing Flipboard (another one of my all time favorite apps) I noticed in the background of a home decor magazine the most clever idea for chalkboard paint I've seen: the chalky clipboard! And I said to myself, I can totally handle this. So I gathered the very few materials I needed and jumped right in. The chalkboard paint wasn't so scary. And I didn't even get a drop on the white shirt I was wearing! Here's super duper easy project you can do in no time flat! 
You'll need the following:
1 - clipboard
1 - paint brush
1 - chalkboard paint
1 - painters tape
Here's what you do:
Place painters tape around perimeter of clipboard. You can use any width tape you like. I used 1" but you can use a thinner one. And you should use painters tape because it comes off way easier. Shake your can of chalkboard paint for 30 to 60 sec so all the paint is evenly mixed inside the can.
Use your paintbrush to spread the paint evenly on the clipboard. Some people like to use foam brushes but I used what I had which was a regular old paintbrush with bristles. Go in one direction. Wait for the paint to dry for 1 hour and paint another layer. After the 2nd layer, gently remove the painters tape and let it dry overnight. 
Some people like to rub chalk all over the painted surface and then wipe off so when you write, the chalk can adhere better. I didn't need to do that with this project. The chalk went on pretty smooth. Here's finished product:
Wasn't that super easy? And I'm proud to say that I am no longer afraid of chalkboard paint. It will forever be my friend. 
Til next time: keep making, keep creating, keep doing!
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