Make it: Last Minute Halloween Pumpkin

Hi Everyone!
I can't believe its 2 more days til Halloween! Being the last minute person that I am, I just bought my pumpkins 2 days ago from Trader Joe's. Our crew is supposed to decorate these for the store (how come I still see 4 naked pumpkins on the counter?!?) Someone's gonna get a beatdown! Haha, Just kidding, I would never ever do that! I kept debating whether to carve or not to carve, use massive glitter or bling it out with rhinestones. But then, I saw the most amazing painted pumpkins from this blog: Alisa Burke Redefining Creativity and had to try to make it for myself.
You still have time! Here's what you'll need:
1 - Pumpkin
1 - Primer Spray Paint
1 - Gloss Spray Paint
1 - 4 Tulip Fabric Paint

Here's what ya do:
1) Wipe down and dry your lovely pumpkin
2) Spray the pumpkin with primer. DON'T SKIP THIS STEP or you're life will be ruined forever! The primer preps the smooth surface so the spray paint adheres better. 
3) After you completely covered the pumpkin with primer (it may take up to 2 coats), let it dry for a few hours. Go read a book! or wash the dishes or something...
4) Now spray the entire pumpkin with your glossy spray paint. I used glossy in celery color. I just wanted a hint of color but you can use any color and any sheen you like. Wait for first coat to dry and spray second coat.

5) Take one of your fabric pens and start doodling! I used white first and then silver, gold and last is black.
My base design was white and then it got alot easier after that because all you're doing is accenting. So you can go crazy!
6) Let it dry overnite and then you're done!
Since this is a no carve pumpkin, it won't mold in a week like the other ones. Hopefully it'll last way past Halloween and maybe you can even use it as a centerpiece for you scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner! (Is that wishful thinking or what?!?)
Til next time: keep making, keep creating, keep doing!

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