Make it: Succulent in Daiso Pot

Have any of you ever been to a store called Daiso? It's the most fabulous dollar store ever! Most items are actually $1.50 and have pretty much anything you can think of. Daiso originated in Japan and the past few years have become wildly popular. Probably because everything in there is so damn cute (and cheap!) I love anything Japanese and was thrilled when this store opened up at the Serramonte mall in Daly City, CA and also at Japantown in San Francisco. Anyways, I was walking around Daiso and stumbled upon the cutest pots I've ever seen:

This pot is around 5" in diameter with a 3" opening. It's a great size for a very small plant. But the thing that I loved the MOST is the lil legs on the bottom:

Aren't these adorable? Needless to say, I bought a bunch and since I'm obsessed with planting things right now I decided to plant a very pretty succulent in it. Here's what you'll need:
- cutie pot 
- 2" or 2.5" succulent
- small rocks 
- cactus soil
- moss
1) put a layer of small rocks on the bottom for drainage
2) put in some cactus soil. Cactus soil has better drainage than regular potting soil. And we ALL known that succulents need good drainage. Ok fine, not everyone know so now you do!
3) remove some soil from your succulent and place in your cutie pot
4) stuff the moss all around the succulent and inside of pot for more drainage and looks. 
5) now you have a wonderful lil potted plant for your nightstand or coffee table or even next to your computer at work. Just a side note: looking at something green and pretty is very calming especially when you're all stressed out from work. And it a super easy to make gift as well!
And here's the finished product again:

Now give yourselfie a hug; you deserve it!
Til next time: keep making, keep creating, keep doing!
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