Make it: Halloween Decor and Pumpkins

Halloween is so much fun! From the ghostly skeleton hanging in the corner to the delicious bowl of candy corn sitting on the counter, how can you not get excited? Some of you like to transform yourself to a walking hamburger for your wicked Halloween rave and some of you like to sit at home and watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I'm actually the latter. But instead of a cartoon, I'd prefer to lie in bed and watch zombie heads get smooshed by Rick from the Walking Dead. Well, enough about me. I wanted to talk about our cool Halloween decorations. Our store likes to show off our Halloween spirit by putting up creepy crawly decorations and having a pumpkin contest among our crew.
Halloween corner
Our store manager, Josue, created this awesome display last year. He used whatever we had at the hardware store like the caution tape from our safety department, cheesecloth from our housewares aisle, clay pots from our garden shop and brooms & dusters from the cleaning aisle. He also made the cute orange clay pot pumpkins with the cabinet knob as the stem.
Mummy pumpkin
This is the mummy pumpkin I made. Super simple! No carving needed! I sprayed the entire pumpkin with spray adhesive, cut cheesecloths into strips and wrapped away. The BIG googly eyes are from Michael's Arts and Crafts (love this store!) My fingers got so sticky from the constant gluing but it was so fun to make. And isn't it adorable?!?

Josue used a simple drill and just drilled holes into this pumpkin using different sized drill bits.

Bloody pumpkin
Ping, another member of our crew, carved our store name onto this pumpkin and also added the bloody effect with a red paint. Pretty cool!

Sugar skull pumpkin
Sugar skull carving from Josue also. These skulls are so popular. I see them on everything from earrings to cookies to t-shirts. 

Nightmare before Christmas pumpkin

Pushpin pumpkin
Push pins into the pumpkin. Another no carve!

Scary cheesecloth ghost
Just throw a piece of cheesecloth over a small white bucket and you have a SCARY ghost!

Halloween wreath
This wreath is made from foam insulation covered with cheesecloth and creepy spiders.

Crooked teeth
And of course, we had our Halloween potluck. I saw this apple teeth from Pinterest. I sectioned an apple and used almond slivers as the teeth.

Witches fingers
Witches finger pretzels! These were so yummy! Just melt some chocolate chips, dip pretzels sticks in, and place almond slices on tips before the chocolate cools so it'll stick. Looks pretty good huh?!?

Yummy intestines
Sam, my hubby, made this pot of intestines from cooked ribs, sausages, and red bell pepper as the heart.  Tasted delicious!

Bloody cupcakes
And these were my favorite: the murdered bloody cupcakes! Red frosting from a tube was swiveled with a toothpick over the white frosting and a candy knife was stabbed into the middle.
Gosh I love Halloween!

Til next time, keep making, keep creating, keep doing!

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